Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soul curry session! --over the cliff edge

Hmm....since long time,something was bugging my mind - unclear, making me restless all day long, stopping me from doing anything n every thing. Things started becoming very complicated even that simple daily mind more n more unstable-totally. Making me feel bad (for what? god knows) an enigmatic energy sink driving away all my energy.

Music? feeling bored
Chatting with pals? making me more lifeless
a trek to forest? -- no way in mood.
At-least a self hypnosis session? falling in sleep in middle of session.
Hang-out with my girl? haaaa she will kick me if i comment here..hope u gt my point.

What the F**king hell is happening to me?

Maintaining the same tempo almost for a month suddenly one day..
After a hectic workout at office..on way back to home...a flash hit my dum brain

Am missing that introspective soul curry sessions. yup....that usually get's me the fuel dose required.

lee me this gonna get me back the zing in my going an a cliff now, to cook..........................soul curry.