Monday, January 12, 2009

How much is too much?How big is perfection? n How small is ideal?

Hey folks..can some one please let me know how much is too much? when u intend to do some task in life and u r on that way top gear..... do we really need to look back to check How big is perfection? n How small is ideal? shakkks is their a optimum level too?


  1. Too much is too bad in some cases but when you care some one there is no limit. When you care a person with too much affection then you dont expect in return. Problem starts when your expectations not filled.

    When a man dont expect anything he never do too much, I mean to say humans are selfish they want more thats why they do too much.

    Finally i would like to say, If you able to control your mind and body no problem with occur. Its all about mind game

    Subhash Bose

  2. Yeah....Subhash you r true when we start expecting some thing in a relationship...problem starts at that point....