Thursday, July 15, 2010

The freaks day out - Finally

Yeah true! after a long long time the freak in me has been pulled up. Swati! credit goes 2 u sweet-heart.

Day started with lazy wake up call 4m a friend....that made me remember the day's schedule. with a late saloon message and grooming finally me n sunil are out on roads.... with minor bike repair points n then as-usual....i have Broken an another cell of my mobile.....with a Chai in a ghada!

A pick up point of swati...led us to Tipsy-Topsy (The one bakery which i love most) Heavy cheese burger n some drinks n lots of gala time....with garnish of Sunil's regular counter punches. Hmm time 4 a movie "I HATE LUV STORYS" hooop hoop but show's time is 3pm and it's jus 12:00 noon, sooo Ohris at lake front was the idea.....great fun n finally show time.... hhehehe (I cant even express the load of fun we had at Ohris)

N the final zing of the day was fun! isn't Swati? Thank Sunil 4 that fun.