Friday, June 25, 2010

Venu Ragam

Wind so fresh blowing its mystic scent
like that very old perfume,
A fresh feel deep from heart
like that seed's first fresh leaf.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The old tree swing.

Time when u feel ur lost, for a long time, soo long that u have forgotten ur fundamental base-line, on which u have built ur life so far. Such moment inn.... even the "stone cold men" feel LOST. Yeah the real deep meaning of LOST.

I was in this crucial juncture n made my self totally a half dead and the other half? something else!

Child in a swing forgets everything he jus lives the moment of joy, delivery by that extreme heights of SWING. Same thing happened - almost.... which gave me, myself back..that's the bliss of "the old tree swing".

The mantra is.."YOUR happiness lies in ur hands" in a sense,the mantra boils down to analyzing what ur assets are, how you can maximize them n how you can play down your weaknesses. In my lingo, that is called SWOT analysis which is an abbreviation for Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities and threats.
That critical assessment is not the end. It is to b benchmarked against what u wish to be. And therein lies the rub. All of must have aspirations but the key to the modicum of contentment is to c that it is in lines with our findings of SWOT. We can certainly leverage our strengths n try hard to excel in that swinging child on that old tree.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soul curry session! --over the cliff edge

Hmm....since long time,something was bugging my mind - unclear, making me restless all day long, stopping me from doing anything n every thing. Things started becoming very complicated even that simple daily mind more n more unstable-totally. Making me feel bad (for what? god knows) an enigmatic energy sink driving away all my energy.

Music? feeling bored
Chatting with pals? making me more lifeless
a trek to forest? -- no way in mood.
At-least a self hypnosis session? falling in sleep in middle of session.
Hang-out with my girl? haaaa she will kick me if i comment here..hope u gt my point.

What the F**king hell is happening to me?

Maintaining the same tempo almost for a month suddenly one day..
After a hectic workout at office..on way back to home...a flash hit my dum brain

Am missing that introspective soul curry sessions. yup....that usually get's me the fuel dose required.

lee me this gonna get me back the zing in my going an a cliff now, to cook..........................soul curry.