Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morals,Ethics,Emotions n Popcorns

Am writing this post as am very much moved with a very bad thing happened to one of my best friend.
Morals,Ethics,Emotions does this words worth my time to pen down and your time to read this post in this current time ? where no one cares what morals as a human u have nor what ethics u hold professionally or personally. forget about the morals and ethics for a while lee me focus on emotions and popcorns: i remember last time when i was in my sis place in bangalore their was an tv show in which a kannada Hero upendra says "Prethi gea stala illa,kanneeru gea bela illa"transilating "no place for love n no value for tears and emotions" and now after a real incident happened in front of my eyes 2 my best best friend i now completely agree that their is no place for true love n no value for emotions......
We do everything under the sun for our dreams to come true i mean everything and when u got all u wanted in ur life and when u turn back n if u find no one behind u who can say "am their 4 u" n in wat way u can enjoy u r destiny truly....their might me many people who say "i care 4 u" but the care what they say is just 4m mouth not from heart......n what is the use of reaching the destiny when u r not the same person who dreamed of a destiny?loosing yourself ( like the story line in FASHION movie) so am wondering is it correct to be emotional in this time wit any one let it b ur friend or ur lover....what so ever
coz when u emotionally invest in a relation that shows that u r true and honest and if other person just consider your emotions as a foolishness and ridiculous is that a mistake of the person who is true or the other one?
I know many couples who just stay together physically but not together by a attitude that u dt have emotions and applying a make up with heavy dose of foundation cream to show off that u have limited emotions is correct? limited emotions or rite quantity of emotions in a relation means "u r not totally involved" coz in a relation with u r parents u r not having limited commitment, in a relation a word LIMIT does not come at all......if it exists that implies that the theory is wrong.
I dt say their is no true love at all..... yes......parents love on u is unlimited n unconditional and it has no necessary and sufficient conditions to satisfy....but to find a true loving soul mate in this current time is like walking on a razor edge.....mark my words.......

Bottom Line never invest your emotions on any body coz latter u will be proved wrong.
The worth wht popcorns holds in theater.. emotions dt even have that gravity in present time.....

This post is not aimed on any one in any way,it's just a product of my feelings.i welcome comments.


  1. This is nice post. Language is good rather than feelings. Whole life is filled with positive and negative incidents. Anyway i respect to others opinion. Be positive


  2. Excellent post and awesome command on language i could really feel the emotions in it,words carrying feelings excellent job.


  3. emotional is a feeling and not investment. its foolish to expect some thing inturn being emotional.