Wednesday, November 19, 2008

True or False ?

True or false? this choice is hunting me ever since my childhood almost every time, applied to almost everything rite from school time 1 mark question to analyzing people's words,about self,about decision, and the list never ends......(as u knw) but on the other day when i was watching a movie The Sixth Sense late night around 3:00 Hr while having a cool walk under full moon some thing really bothered me "True or false" can this be answered according to ones stage in life keeping his experiences and knowledge or a true which is always a true and a false which is always false something like an example :Gravity is responsible for an apple to fall down from tree....the answer to this is TRUE and this true is true to all and cant be false....but some other situations in life were it seems like correct to us or to the one who did that but generally may not be correct or a true to be a true to all needs a logical reasoning and solid derivations n theorems like newton did to prove apple-Gravity relation ? or just it need that rare insight in to the life to make out what is true and false? if this is so easy then y does people wrongly understand a right situation or right person and a wrong situation or person as right?

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  1. Vijay If you cannot decide true or false dontworry just mark both, or neither...the best thing to do is ignore. since by your intrepetation fact ownt change....