Sunday, November 30, 2008

Celebration of being alive

Lessons by life....

Celebration of being alive.....after experiencing the dark one can appreciate the light, after experiencing the pain one can really enjoy the joy....this is what i have learned in my 10th standard 's English class and i remember the chapter's name it's "Celebration of being alive"
My life taught me same lesson practically to me but in much bitter and crude n ruf way. no regrets now i have all the reasons to Celebrate and live my life to the max....

really i wonder when we r in a particular phase of life it may be the deep down of the life or the joyfullest time we actually forget what we are and cling for the silly things which make no difference but for the one who is in that tipsy it's everything. Same thing happened to me till i was in that nasha till the reality hit me hard wit the true colours. after the bad juncture of life ( i dt call it bad coz it taught me LIFE) gifting myself..the gift is myself..gifting myself to live life in presentense.
I see my self in mirror as a new person whom i have not noticed , whom i have nevr paid attention,whom i have neglected a lot its me..hoo shit its me and i have forgot who i'am....n this will never happen.....coz now i have myself wit me to take care of me....

Am dam happy i found myself as happy as if i got my soulmate.

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