Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Answer to the question "why this happens only to me" i was checking some of my old stuff i have found n interesting letter which my friend gave me when i was 17teen (the attitude building age)for a while it just flashed that i stooped doing this....the letter says as follows..

Life is full of choices it just trows number of alternatives to pick and ur choice dictates ur fate on that matter.Every situation in life gives a multiple i want to eat ice cream and i have choices to select flavors chocolate or vanilla or select from options.
The same way in life tooo when situation makes u to upset the same situation gives u options before reacting to it like....(A)feel bad (B)Learn 4m it (c) Stand up and redo it (D)Cry that it's ur fate.... so, which one do u select and u r selection gives u the fruits good or bad..
Another classic example..from life's book If something did not work out in life we normally pic the general option "why this happens only to me" without looking at the total choices before reaction, even this gives u options...the options are (A)"why this happens only to me" (B)It's nice that it happened to me ill never make it happen (C)Thank god the worst did not happened (D)Lee me solve the problem once again.....
IN this way the letter goes on and on....with many life's practical examples.

This was the letter i have received from am very elderly person whom i treat as friend...and i started doing this since my 12th standard days....started looking at every thing which demands my reaction funnily i started choosing the coolest option available....
So guys just start looking at the available options before reacting....Mark my words u will feel more relaxed and stop saying "why this happens only to me"

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